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Welcome, Dancers and Parents!

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  • If you are 18 years old or older, Parents’ Info is optional (you may indicate people other than you to receive important announcements and information).
  • Parents are required to complete the registration for minor children (those under age 18 at the time of registration) and to discuss the Dancers’ Rules with your children.

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2 Releases

Appearance Release

I do hereby authorize Matreshki Dance Company, and those acting pursuant to its authority to: Record my/my child’s participation and appearance on video, audio, film, photograph or any other medium; Use my/my child’s name, likeness, voice, and biographical material in connection with these recordings; Exhibit or distribute such recording in whole or in part without restrictions or limitations for any educational or promotional purpose which above stated organization and those acting pursuant to its authority deem appropriate.

Liability Release

I understand that dancing is a physical activity that includes risks or hazards of injury. Dancing can be strenuous and students may suffer injuries, either minor or serious in nature.

Matreshki Dance Company will not, and does not, accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any student during the course of instruction or related activities, or in the course of any exhibition, competition, performance, or other event in which he or she may participate, or while traveling to or from any event.

Acknowledging the above, I consent to my/my child’s participation in the programs offered by Matreshki Dance Company. I waive and release all rights and claims for damages that I or my child may have at any time against Matreshki Dance Company including, specifically, for any injury or damages that may be suffered by me or my child in connection with my child’s participation in the activities offered and/or sponsored by Matreshki Dance Company.

Matreshki Dance Company is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Medical Release

I fully understand that the teacher(s) and staff of Matreshki Dance Company are not medical practitioners of any kind. I release Matreshki Dance Company to render temporary first aid in the event of any injury or illness and, if deemed necessary by Matreshki Dance Company, to contact a doctor and to seek medical help, including transportation to any health care facility. I will not hold Matreshki Dance Company or any of its representatives liable for any expenses inferred as a result of seeking/providing such assistance. I understand that it is strongly advisable that I/my child as a dancer should have had a physical within the last year.

I have no known disabilities that would prevent me/my child from participating in the activities of Matreshki Dance Company.

3 Matreshki Dance Company Rules

Please read the Rules of participation and submit you registration below.



1. The success of the Company depends on every member of the team. In order to prepare for performances, the Company’s lead teacher and the Artistic Director must know who will attend so that any necessary adjustments or plans can be made.

2. Regular participation is required. Dancers are required to attend all practices. If for some valid reason a dancer cannot be present, he/she must inform the lead teacher and/or the Artistic Director well in advance.

3. Practice time is a privilege. Students may practice at the dance floor as long as they are quiet, adhere to dress codes, respect other dancers, activities, and property, and clean up after themselves.


4. Dancers’ grace and style shows not only in movement, but in their appearance as well. Proper attire and dance shoes are required for all students to attend rehearsals and to participate in performances.

Shoes: Please note, that no regular sport shoes or sneakers and/or flip flops will be allowed at any time on the dance floor during classes. Each student must have a pair of shoes he/she brings for each class. We strongly encourage parents to purchase specialized black character dance shoes for girls, and black jazz shoes for boys. We can provide information about what you can buy and where you can buy it if you need assistance.

For Performances: Dancers will be provided with costumes. However, dancers may need their own additional costume pieces, hair styling items and make up for performances (i.e. girls: white tights, socks, undergarments, etc; boys: black pants, socks, etc). We will provide you with additional information on these personal costume additions later.


5. Safety is first and foremost. No running, rough play, or any kind of behavior that can or may result in injury will be allowed during rehearsals at any time.

6. Students are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Students who are disruptive or disrespectful to the teacher or to other students and parents-volunteers “on duty” will be given a warning to stop. If the behavior continues, the student may be removed from class and the student’s parents will be notified.


7. Costumes are a huge investment of time and money for the Company. We expect all dancers to treat all costumes with respect and care. Costumes are issued to dancers free of charge for performances and/or rehearsal time only. Dancers (or parents of minor dancers) are required to take good care of the costumes issued to them. Dancers must receive, keep track of, and return all pieces of each costume to a designated costume manager at the end of each and every occasion.

8. Dancers are required to reimburse the Company for every lost or damaged costume item.


9. The presence of non-dancers may be disruptive to classes and students. Parents should drop off and pick up their children near the start and/or finish of classes. Parents must leave the dance floor during each rehearsal unless they receive a special invitation or permission from the lead teacher for the rehearsal.

10. All decisions about dancers’ participation in dances and/or performances, costume assignments, and other dance-related issues are in the sole discretion of the Artistic Director or lead teacher(s) designated by her, and should be accepted with respect and understanding. All concerns, disagreements, or other issues must be addressed to the Artistic Director or to a designated Company lead teacher, and not to other parents, dancers, etc.


11. The Company needs to raise funds to provide dancers with costumes and pay for various items needed for its operation. We will run a series of fundraising events and offer various fundraising programs that we ask all families to support by participating, distributing information, inviting non-Company members, and volunteering for preparation for and running of the events.

12. The Company will rely on the assistance of parents-volunteers, and will assign parents-volunteers responsibilities such as rehearsal management, costume management, party management, communication management, and other activities needed to support Matreshki Dance Company and its officers and representatives. Parents and older dancers are expected to actively volunteer for these duties when needed so that we all share these responsibilities equally and fairly throughout the season.

13. All dancers, parents, guests, and other participants or attendees of rehearsals and shows must follow and adhere to the directions and instructions of volunteers on duty – дежурные (rehearsal assistant, costume runner, etc.), whether the volunteer is another parent or an older dancer. Volunteers on duty receive specific instructions from the Artistic Director and are acting at the direction of and on behalf of the Artistic Director when on duty.

I have read the rules of participation in Matreshki Dance Company and understand and accept them. I agree to abide by these rules.

  • Dancers/particpants age 18 or older — type your name below
  • Parent(s) of dancers/participants under age 18 — type your name below after reading and discussing these rules of participation with your child.

4 Registration Fee

There is a one-time registration fee for the 2018-2019 season.

  • 1st Dancer — $100
  • 2nd Dancer from the same family — $50
  • 3rd Dancer (and more) from the same family — registration fee waived

Thank you for registering. Welcome to Matreshki! We look forward to seeing you at our rehearsals!

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